Summer Paintings

Summer Paintings

Adding new summer paintings to your decor is a great way to celebrate this season’s gorgeous light and beautiful scenery. The word “summer” brings to mind feelings of freedom, nights out under the stars, gorgeous golden sunset light, and bold blooms in every garden.

You can capture this season inside your home with the right wall art. At the California galleries of Thomas Kinkade in Carmel, Monterey, and Placerville, our vast selection offers something for everyone to take home or put in their office.

Delight In The Warmth Of Summer Paintings

Summer is when nature comes to life. You can see beauty and color around every corner, from flowers to fauna. The best wall art will capture that feeling. The sun baths the earth in vast, abundant light, adding a new vibrancy to the greens and floral colors.

The glowing natural sunlight of the Thomas Kincaid signature style takes the essence of the season and puts it in a bottle so that no matter where you are, you can enjoy a little piece of it over and over again. These paintings are excellent examples of using the glow of light to capture the feelings of summer:

Enjoy The Beauty Of Summer Flowers All Year Long

Summer’s colorful flowers are an artist’s muse. Our galleries feature multiple floral paintings that show the texture and color of these bombastic blooms. With realistic floral paintings, you will see all of the details of the flowers, but with bold colors and textures that make them seem real. A Perfect Yellow Rose or The Rose Garden both embrace the ambiance of summer through realistic paintings of flowers.

Escape To A Summer Cottage Vacation

Missing your vacation home or the carefree days of the season? Our paintings of summer scenes that include cozy cottages with light-infused windows create the look of a fairy tale, inspiring your imagination. 

Lovelight Cottage or A Perfect Summer Day are paintings from our gallery that seek to encapsulate the environment of a cottage vacation–quaint, comfortable, and breezy.

Keep Summer In A Bottle With Thomas Kinkade Paintings!

At our galleries, we don’t just have paintings of summer flowers and scenery but also more whimsical paintings of summer scenes. Consider a beautiful summer cottage lined with flowers and your favorite Disney character strolling by, or a summer in London, England, with Wonder Woman standing guard, holding her Lasso of Truth.

Whether your style is whimsical or traditional, we have a painting filled with summer’s light to fit. Browse our Thomas Kinkade gallery locations in Monterey, Carmel, or Placerville, or explore our collection online to find your new piece of art.