Disney Mickey and Minnie in Greece

Disney Mickey And Minnie In Greece

Art Notes

In the Passport to Adventure series by Thomas Kinkade Studios, Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, along with some of their closest friends, explore famous travel destinations around the world. This time Mickey and friends find themselves on a new adventure on a Greek Island.

In Disney Mickey and Minnie in Greece by Thomas Kinkade Studios, we find the pair enjoying each other’s company at a cliffside café in Santorini. Donald and Daisy are seated at an upper table deciding what delicious pastry they should order to accompany their beverages. What an enjoyable way to watch the sun set into the beautiful glistening Aegean Sea.

Key Points

  • Disney Mickey and Minnie in Greece is the 7th painting in the Passport to Adventure series. Other beautiful destinations that the pair and their friends have been featured in include Hawaii, Hollywood, Paris, Ireland, the Alps, and the Australian Outback.
  • Can you spot Goofy?
  • Do you see the adorable cat featured in this painting?
  • Mickey Mouse’s outfit is darling, don’t you agree? He is dressed perfectly for Santorini’s beautiful weather.
  • Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cycladic group of Greek Islands and is famous for its dramatic cliffside views against the backdrop of the stunning blue Aegean Sea.
  • The island is known as the site of one of the largest volcano eruptions in recorded history. Approximately 3,600 years ago, the volcano erupted causing a tsunami which hit the island of Crete.
  • Grape-growing is a major part of Santorini’s culture and economy, and due to the windy conditions, they grow in coils on the ground rather than on trellises.
  • There are more churches than houses on the island, though most are small and private. Many of the buildings in the village of Oia on Santorini are famously painted white to prevent heat from warming up the insides. The historic building with striking blue domes is the Anastasi Church of Oia.

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