Thomas Kinkade Studio In The Garden

Celebrating Over 30 Years

Thomas Kinkade Studio in the Garden is significant because it is the first art gallery Thomas Kinkade ever opened to the public back in 1992. We look forward to seeing you during your next visit to our Carmel art gallery.

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Thomas Kinkade Studio in the Garden

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Our Story

Before Thomas Kinkade became one of the best-selling painters in America, Thom and Nanette, who lived in Placerville, California at the time were visiting Carmel in 1991 when they stumbled upon the perfect place to establish his first studio and gallery. They wandered down Der Ling Lang and found what was then a gardening shed. It took a year, but they eventually were able to establish a lease and make improvements to the studio.

Der Ling Lane: The Oldest Alley In Carmel

The Thomas Kinkade Gallery on Der Ling Lane (a small passageway to our courtyard on Ocean Avenue) opened in 1992, marking its 25th Anniversary in 2017. Der Ling Lane is considered to be the oldest alley in Carmel. Entering from Ocean Avenue, the store on the right was originally a gift shop whose owners, Adolf and Hallie Lafrenz, befriended the Chinese princess, Der Ling, so they named their shop in her honor.

The Carmel Art Gallery: Thom’s Working Studio

Earlier in his career, Thom frequently painted in the Carmel art gallery and studio. Interacting with collectors was great fun for him. He would often set up his easel in Carmel and Monterey, and enjoyed it when visitors would take an interest. The Kinkade family had a home in Carmel and would often be seen strolling through the streets and galleries, when not painting on location that is!

See Where Kinkade Galleries Started

Thom completed 23 paintings highlighting the Carmel and Monterey area that can be visited in real life on a Tour of Monterey. Some images, like Studio in the Garden, Carmel by the Sea, Dolores Street, Morning Glory Cottage, and Carmel, Ocean Avenue on a Rainy Afternoon are sold out in Limited Edition but are available in our gallery in Canvas Classics and Brushworks series.