Coney Island

Coney Island Painting

Art Notes

In 1895, the first enclosed amusement park was opened in Coney Island. This marked the beginning of spectacular amusement parks with glittering bright lights, ornate archways, and sparkling carousels with beautifully carved wooden horses beckoning to be ridden.

The melodic sounds of a carousel carried on a salty sea breeze bring back timeless memories. Who doesn’t have fond recollections of visiting a neighborhood amusement park?

Visits to Coney Island were an important part of many of our childhoods, whether we grew up on the East Coast or we traveled from afar to experience the magic of this legendary place. Some of the best memories include summer days spent with our parents or friends at Coney Island riding the Cyclone, experiencing the thrill of the Parachute Jump, or strolling on the promenade. Spending time in the ocean, flying a kite on the beach, and playing frisbee with a friend and their pet was equally as fun.

Take a nostalgic walk along the boardwalk with Thomas Kinkade Studios as we enjoy the day at Coney Island.

Key Points

  • At the turn of the century and until the early 1940s, Coney Island was the largest amusement center in the United States. At its peak, it was the home to three major amusement parks – “Dreamland,” “Luna Park,” and “Steeplechase Park.” It was considered one of the best family getaways in the country – a symbol of American pride. It is now called “Luna Park Coney Island” and is currently owned by LUNA PARK CENTRAL AMUSEMENT INTERNATIONAL INC. Can you find the “Steeplechase” sign in Coney Island by Thomas Kinkade Studios?
  • The Cyclone Rollercoaster was one of the most iconic rides in Coney Island’s history, opening on June 26, 1927, with an admission price of only twenty-five cents a ride. The Cyclone was refurbished over the years and continues to operate. In 1991, it was designated as a National Historic Landmark. There are seven replicas of the Cyclone across the United States and around the world.
  • Coney Island is the second Thomas Kinkade Studios painting that pays tribute to a historic seaside family amusement park, the first one being Sunset at Santa Monica Pier.
  • The Parachute Jump is another historic Coney Island attraction, which opened in 1939. Over a half-million visitors rode it annually until it closed in the mid-1960s. The Jump’s structure remains on the property, designated as a Brooklyn Historic Landmark because of its important place in Coney Island’s thrilling history.
  • Built in 1920, the Wonder Wheel is the oldest continuously running attraction at Coney Island. This complex Ferris wheel features 16 cars that slide on snaking tracks and eight traditionally mounted cars.
  • A day at Coney Island is not complete without spending time on the boardwalk and enjoying the beach. Thomas Kinkade Studios included families playing in the sand with their pups, children flying kites, and of course, the adventurous seagulls of Coney Island!
  • Many other nods to Coney Island attractions and experiences are included in this painting. Can you find them all?

Estate Edition Sketch

Here is the E/E sketch for Coney Island.

Coney Island Ee Sketch

Edition Features

  • Textured Brushstroke Process
  • Additional Highlighting
  • Small Edition Size
  • Authorized Signature In Silver
  • Unique Hand-Drawn Sketch On The Back Of The Canvas

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