Mickey and Minnie Evening Sleigh Ride

Mickey And Minnie Evening Sleigh Ride

Art Notes

Thomas Kinkade was a life-long admirer of Walt Disney and the wonderful characters he created. In collaboration with Disney, Thomas Kinkade Studios has created the Friendship Moments series, a collection of art featuring favorite characters and their best friends painted in beautiful Kinkade settings.

One can almost feel the cool wintery breeze blowing across the smiling faces of Mickey, Minnie and Pluto as they enjoy their evening winter sleigh ride. The snow muffles the sounds of their horse’s hooves, as it draws the sleigh over the stone bridge. The Christmas trees twinkle against the evening sky and the holly berry bushes bloom a vibrant red along their snowy path.

This is a most wondrous time for Mickey and Minnie as the Christmas season is almost upon them. Are they off on a winter adventure, or are they on the way to the nearby village to shop for family and friends? Thomas Kinkade Studios invites you to join in on the Holiday fun in Mickey and Minnie Evening Sleigh Ride.

Key Points

  • Mickey and Minnie Evening Sleigh Ride is the third Limited Edition Art in the Friendship Moments series. The first two paintings in the series are Mickey and Minnie Lighthouse Cove and Donald and Daisy – A Duck Day Afternoon.
  • Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto were also featured in two best-selling Thomas Kinkade Studios Disney Holiday paintings – Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Holiday, and Mickey’s Victorian Christmas.
  • Pluto first appeared in the 1930 Mickey Mouse cartoon The Chain Gang, as an unnamed character and was given his name in the 1931 Disney cartoon, The Moose Hunt. Along with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy, Pluto is one of Disney’s “Sensational Six”.
  • Mickey and Minnie Evening Sleigh Ride features an iconic Thomas Kinkade Studios holiday tribute – lampposts adorned with a holiday wreath. How many can you find?

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