Maximalism – Wall Art For The More Is More Style


Minimalism is great, but the maximalism trend is sweeping the design world. Maximalist decor turns even the most boring home into a gallery, with something to see on every wall and cabinet. At the galleries of Thomas Kinkade in Monterey, Placerville, and Carmel, we’re sharing our top tips to embrace this trend.


Maximalist Home Decorating Tips

  • Gallery Walls
  • Maximalist Style For Bedrooms
  • Dressing Up Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Making The Most Of Living Rooms
  • Selecting The Right Art

Create Interest With Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are all the rage— they allow you to fit a lot of patterns and styles even into relatively small spaces, especially when you add interesting framing to the mix. Evergreen galleries are great, but dressing up your walls for different seasons, such as Christmas, is always fun. Think Mickey themes, Silent Night, or a jolly Christmas festival.

Maximalist Wall Art For Bedrooms

Although the gallery wall works here too, bedrooms benefit from statement pieces highlighting furniture, such as a bed or dresser. Try placing a big cityscape over a headboard or a sweet garden scene above a vanity. Hanging vines around your room or suspending art from the ceiling (think 3D stained-glass pieces) offers extra intrigue.

Form & Function In One Decorating Style

While kitchens and bathrooms are utilitarian, high-traffic areas, that doesn’t mean they can’t also be beautiful. Since they’re usually packed with functional items—appliances, fixtures, cupboards—you have to be more judicious with your art choices. Bright scenes above a toilet or next to a fridge can tie the room together. Just keep art pieces away from areas with lots of steam or splashing so they’ll last!

The Maximalist Living Room Of Your Dreams

Living rooms are all about light and bringing the outdoors in. Even if you don’t have big windows, you can still accomplish this goal with wall art that features busy nature scenes, especially clustered as a gallery between windows or door frames. Place groups of plants in decorative stands beneath wall art collections to create a lush and warm vibe.

Choose Art That Speaks To You

When selecting art and decor for maximalist decorating, look for pieces representing your life, hobbies, and personality. You’re sure to get a constant rush of good memories when your home is full of objects that remind you of your favorite things.

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