Contemporary Art Vs. Popular Art

Contemporary Art Vs Popular Art

Art can evoke many feelings and emotions, and if you’re visiting the Thomas Kinkade galleries in Carmel, Monterey, or Placerville, you can see how art trends change and influence styles and interests over time. Exploring the differences between contemporary art vs. pop art makes it easier to choose the styles you like best and look into more of the art and artists you enjoy.


Where Contemporary Art Got Its Start

Called the ‘art of now,’ contemporary art is culturally diverse and strongly influenced by global forces and movements. It takes many forms and explores several kinds of media that are commonly used.

  • Photography
  • Paint
  • Sculpture
  • Contemporary art emerged as the postmodernist era ended and the modernist era began. This occurred organically between 1960 and 1970, and contemporary art remains open-ended, diverse, and ever-changing as it continues into today and the future.

    Pop Art Peaked In the 1950s & 1960s

    In the 1950s and 1960s, right before the modernist era started, pop art gained momentum in Britain and throughout Europe and then made its way to the United States. The earliest pop art saw artists choosing unique media to get noticed and express themselves.

  • Magazine Photographs
  • Comic Strips
  • Newspaper Cuttings
  • Food Wrappers
  • Pencil, ink, and paint were added to this media to bring it all together. Scottish artist Eduardo Paolozzi was one of the first to become popular in this area, and the style evolved from that point, with many other artists getting involved and building the movement.

    What Is The Difference Between Genres?

    The contemporary art vs. pop art debate is most easily addressed by understanding that pop art is more restricted, while contemporary art is more open-ended. By definition, any new art that comes out is contemporary because that’s an all-encompassing term for art ‘created in our lifetime.’

    Contemporary art can be created in the style of pop art, but not all pop art is contemporary art because some of it was created before the modernist era.

    Explore Art Trends & Modern Art Options At Our Galleries

    Visiting one of our Thomas Kinkade galleries in Carmel, Monterey, or Placerville can help you explore modern art and various art trends so you can choose what you like best for your space. Whether you’re trying to decide between contemporary art vs. pop art or simply want to look for a painting that speaks to you, our galleries give you various choices to fit your style and decorating goals.