Paris Café

Paris Cafe

Art Notes

As the late afternoon sun casts a warm golden hue over the city of Paris, it illuminates the Eiffel Tower and the charming street that the artist attempts to capture on canvas as he paints en plein air. This artist, captured in the moment, strikes a close resemblance to our founder, Thomas Kinkade. Thom loved to paint in the French Impressionistic style, and Paris was one of his family’s favorite destinations.

In Paris Café, Thomas Kinkade Studios hopes to transport you to France, where you can imagine enjoying coffee and pastries, while savoring the beauty and charm of the City of Love.

Key Points

  • Paris Café is the sixth Limited Edition Art in the Romantic Moments Collection. The other paintings in this best-selling series are Italian Café, Venetian Café, French Riviera Café, Munich Café, and Amsterdam Café.
  • Thomas and Nanette Kinkade enjoyed traveling through Europe with their family. Paris was one of their favorite destinations, and some of Thom’s works of art inspired by their travels included Paris, Eiffel Tower, Paris Twilight, and Paris, City of Love.
  • The blue bike in Paris Café is reminiscent of Nanette Kinkade’s own bicycle, which makes an appearance in the other paintings in the Romantic Moments series.
  • Another tribute to Nanette appears on one of the awnings. Can you find it?
  • Adorable cats are included in some of the other paintings in the Romantic Moments series. How many can you find?

Estate Edition Sketch

Here is the E/E sketch for Paris Café.

Ee Sketch Paris Cafe

Edition Features

  • Textured Brushstroke Process
  • Additional Highlighting
  • Small Edition Size
  • Authorized Signature In Silver
  • Unique Hand-Drawn Sketch On The Back Of The Canvas

Limited Edition Canvas Availability
12 x 18
18 x 27
24 x 36
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