3 Health Benefits From Viewing Art

3 Health Benefits From Viewing Art

We all know diet and exercise is good for you, but did you know surrounding yourself with art also has health benefits? Most of us have experienced a mood boost while viewing a cheerful piece of artwork. You may have suspected art was good for your body and soul, but now we have the science to back it up.

Health Benefits Of Viewing Art

If you’re looking to brighten up your home this spring with some fine art, know it’s not just going to look pretty. The beautiful paintings you choose could actually improve your health.

  1. Decrease Depression & Anxiety
  2. Increased Empathy & Critical Thinking
  3. Feel Like You’re Falling In Love

1. For A Happier Life, Surround Yourself With Art

A study known as the Nord-Trondelag Health study questioned over 50,000 men and women in Norway. They discovered that participating in cultural activities such as creating or viewing art had numerous health benefits. Those benefits included a higher overall satisfaction with life and lower rates of depression and anxiety.

2. Increase Empathy & Critical Thinking Skills

At a study done at the University of Arkansas in 2014, 10,000 students were surveyed after a field trip to an art museum. The study found the students had increased historical empathy and improved critical thinking skills.

3. Viewing Art Can Feel Like Falling In Love

Viewing beautiful artwork has also been shown to mimic the feeling of falling in love. At a University in London, a neurologist scanned the brains of volunteers after they viewed 28 pieces of art. The neurologist discovered artwork can actually trigger a dopamine release in the brain.

This is the same brain-chemical we release during moments of love, pleasure, and desire.

Paintings To Boost Your Mood

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Find Your Happy Place With A New Piece Of Art

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