Sunday Morning Chapel

Sunday Morning Chapel

Art Notes

Have you ever pondered what was around the next bend of a trail or path you were walking? Well, Thomas Kinkade always wondered what lay around that next bend. Most of his cherished church imagery seemed to come into focus just around that next bend of the trail. He has said, “Before we ever began to build temples in His honor, God graced us with natural sanctuaries radiant with the light of divine love and peace.”

Morning light filters, golden, through the trees enveloping the well-traveled village path with a lovely light. The fragrance of the blossoming verdant flowers fills the air with a sweet perfume of God’s grace. The sounds of worship seem to filter out of the chapel to match the rhythmic movement of the stream. The light emanating from within symbolizes God’s presence, guidance, and connection in our lives.

Key Points

  • The chapel in Thomas Kinkade’s sold-out Sunday Evening Sleigh Ride was a beacon of hope in its winter village scene and serves as inspiration for our Thomas Kinkade Studios spring release Sunday Morning Chapel.
  • A dogwood tree is featured in this Thomas Kinkade Studios painting and was a favorite of Thom’s with the beautiful fragrant flowers and spring color.
  • Our newest painting, Sunday Morning Chapel, pays tribute to Thom’s beloved Chapels of Nature series and is seventh in this inspirational collection.
  • The colors and composition of this painting were chosen to remind the viewer of the beautiful spring season and the feelings that accompany them.

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