Winter & Snowy Scene Paintings

A Christmas Story

Come walk with us through a magical winter wonderland and explore the winter and snowy paintings found in our galleries. You will feel the snowflakes on your face as you view images of the season and recall precious memories of holiday seasons past. Some of our winter and snowy scenes include:


Winter Country Scenes

Don your boots and mittens and head out to the countryside to explore the wintry wonder of snow laden trees, frosty paths and frozen lakes and streams as depicted in Thomas Kinkade’s Winter Light, Winter Glen, and Winter’s End. Or gaze with wonder at the majestic snow covered mountains of Yosemite beautifully recreated in Glory of Winter.

Rustic Refuge From The Storm

Watch the snowflakes fall, light a fire in the fireplace and snuggle up in the warmth and comfort of A Winter’s Cottage. Or surround yourself with the peace and serenity of the rural snow-covered Winter Chapel. These paintings represent a return to simplicity and provide a safe place to withstand the storms of life.

Winter In The City

Submerge yourself in the romance and elegance of winter scenes from cities both here and abroad. Recall the excitement of once in a lifetime holiday trips to the big city, exploring the shops, restaurants, and attractions that create memories. Experience the windy city on a snowy day with Chicago, Winter at the Water Tower. Winter’s Dusk and Winter in Paris, the city of light, capture the old world charm and nostalgia of trips abroad.

Celebrate The Holidays In Our Galleries

Come visit us and explore our extensive collection of winter & snowy paintings. If you don’t see the painting that speaks to you among the suggestions offered, you will find many more winter or holiday scenes from which to choose.