Our Zac Kinkade Favorites

Zac Kinkade Paintings Monterey

Find old Zac Kinkade favorites or discover something new by this talented artist at the Thomas Kinkade galleries at Carmel, Monterey, and Placerville California. Despite his youth, Zac Kinkade art has been awarded and recognized in numerous competitions at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Thus proving that age is no obstacle for this extraordinary talent.

Story Telling With Art

Zac Kinkade paintings balance technical sophistication and expressive power, allowing them to tell a story that leaves you with a strong sense of emotion. His work was influenced early on by his uncle, Thomas Kinkade, but he brings a unique element that is truly all his own to each masterfully painted piece.

By focusing his artwork around subject matters that hold a personal significance for many people, this talented young artist has created a name for himself in his own right.

The Beauty & Whimsy Of Nature

When viewing Zac Kinkade’s paintings on canvas, you will likely pick up on the true love and respect he has for nature. Stunning landscapes, majestic wildlife, and beloved national parks set the scene in many of the fine art pieces he has carefully created.

Looking for a gift or unique new home decor piece? These paintings are sure to become treasured wall art for any lover of nature and the outdoors.

Kinkade’s Biblical Art

In his Stories Of The Bible series, Zac Kinkade artistically captures four of the most well-known stories told in the Bible. Each piece blends the literary theme of the story while achieving beauty with color, composition, and aesthetic.

These canvas art pieces will make an excellent addition to any religious art collection or make lovely room decor for any home or business rooted in the Christian faith.

Home Decor Paintings For The Holidays

Holiday seasons are times of excitement marked with fun and beloved family traditions, while decor delights the senses. Zac Kinkade delights us with several imaginative paintings that mark festive holidays and offer a charming addition to your holiday decorating.

  • Transylvania presents a wonderfully spooky painting that features glowing jack-o-lanterns set among some of our favorite scary characters making this a fun addition for any Halloween collection.
  • Thanksgiving In New York offers us a fanciful view of the beloved New York City parade. The painting begins with a nod to Halloween and is brought up at the rear by Baby New Year, while a sizeable festive turkey and jolly Santa Claus take center stage.
  • Santa’s North Pole transports us straight to the North Pole with an abundance of fun and playfulness. We find well-known Christmas characters scattered through the scene. While elves go about their business, Santa takes flight with his reindeer. A glorious Christmas tree stands in the middle as a glowing tribute to the joy of the Christmas season.

Zac Kinkade Artwork In California

At the Thomas Kinkade art galleries in Carmel, Monterey, and Placerville, California, we are very proud to offer the ever-expanding collection of artwork by Zac Kinkade. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you find the perfect piece for any room in your home or business or truly thoughtful gifts that are sure to be loved by your recipients.

Stop by one of our California galleries today to discover your personal Zac Kinkade favorite.