How to Give Art As a Gift to Show Appreciation

Give Art As Gift


Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, or an expression of gratitude, the gift of art can be enjoyed for years to come and even passed on to future generations. Just how do you give art as a gift? There are several factors to consider as well as deciding what kind of art to give.


  • The individual’s personal taste
  • Decor in their home or office
  • Their passions and hobbies
  • Genres and artists the person appreciates

Why Gift a Piece of Art?

Art often makes the perfect gift for those who seem to have everything, as it shows effort, and forethought, and demonstrates your gift-giving flair. Have you ever seen a professional photograph, framed art, or sculpture and thought, “That would be a perfect piece for so-and-so?”

There’s no gift more memorable than a great piece of art, and it’s a remarkable way to show someone you are thinking about them. To boot, fine art can increase in value over time, making your gift a prized possession.

Make Note Of The Individual’s Personal Taste

The person you are gifting may be a long-time friend, an acquaintance, or a business associate. Either way, take some cues about what they seem to visually display or enjoy. Is their office or home minimal, sleek, rustic, modern, or a bit on the quirky side? Determine their preferred style using these visual cues.

Consider The Person’s Passions & Hobbies

Think about what the person you’re gifting art to likes to do in their free time, or note what they are passionate about. Find out their interests and seek out pieces that will work well with their collection and appeal to their senses. This makes it possible to give personalized art gifts for your favorite:

  • Equestrian Enthusiast
  • Gardening & Plant Lover
  • Avid Pet Owner
  • Beach, Surfing & Marine Enthusiast
  • Nature Lover

Do They Have Favorite Artists Or Artistic Genres?

Most art lovers lean towards certain genres and often have favorite artists. If it’s not apparent based on pieces currently in their home, office, or collection, it might be necessary to do a bit of digging. Try to subtly ask them, their friends, or family members about any artists or styles the receiver may have mentioned or currently have an open preference for. Some common genres include:

  • Abstract
  • Impressionist
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Cubism
  • Surrealism
  • Fantasy

Gift-Worthy Art From Thomas Kinkade Studios

Our galleries in Carmel, Monterey, and, Placerville have a variety of artistic paintings, prints, and lithographs from famed painters and sculptures and framed photographs from regional and national artists. Our art consultants are happy to help you find a remarkable piece for gifting.