Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

We invite you to celebrate this Father’s Day with a meaningful painting for that special dad in your life. Bring light to his day with a piece by the Master of Light of himself, Thomas Kinkade. Our gallery is pleased to offer a wide selection of Thomas Kinkade’s most beloved paintings, and we encourage you to visit us in person to discover which work of art speaks most to you.

A Gift For A Lifetime

Our Limited Edition prints are the finest quality meant to bring joy that lasts a lifetime. Share the excitement of one of the many special moments and places captured by Thomas Kinkade in his Sports and Outdoors series.

Some great gift ideas for Father’s Day include:

  • Reflections of Family – A small family of deer, a pair of eagles soaring overhead, a family of bunnies hidden among the painted scene–all of these images are symbolic of family and were intended to provide a reminder of our daily blessings of those closest to our hearts.
  • It Doesn’t Get Much Better – A man is surrounded by the still calm of nature as he casts his line into the healing waters of a perfect fishing hole. Perfect for the angler in the family.
  • Summer’s Heritage – A tractor, a farm, a countryside setting…this is the heart of America and the pride of many families whose fathers and fathers’ fathers worked the land to provide incredible bounty over the centuries.
  • Evening in the Forest – Many a father has enjoyed the respite found in the forest and the comfort of a cozy cabin. If your dad fits this image, here’s one painting that will escort him away from the troubles of the day.
  • A Century of Racing! – The perfect gift for a lover of high gears and racetracks. This painting pays tribute to a century of competition.
  • NASCAR Thunder – A classic for race fans everywhere, this painting captures the excitement and show of the Daytona 500.

Make This Father’s Day Unique

Thomas Kinkade paintings make the perfect gift for dad, and our collection of sports and outdoors themed work is extensive. Visit one of our showrooms and our art consultants can help you discover what painting is a perfect fit for your dad this Father’s Day.