Enjoy Foliage All Year Round With Fall Paintings

Autumn At Mackinac Island By Thomas Kinkade

When you want to see the beauty of fall throughout the year, foliage paintings and other artistic representations of autumn are a great choice. From gorgeous leaves to resplendent hues of gold, orange, and red, it is so easy to integrate these types of art into your home or office. You can hang a fall painting in the following rooms:


  • Above A Breakfast Table
  • In A Mud Room
  • As A Part Of A Seasonal Art Display
  • In A Conference Room

Here are a few of the most popular kinds of autumn paintings from Thomas Kinkade galleries in Monterey, Carmel, and Placerville to give you a great starting point for choosing your next piece of art.

Nostalgia In Fall Colors

Autumn On Mackinac Island offers vibrant autumn colors and nostalgia for a simpler time, with horse-drawn carriages and bicycles descending the cobbled street. The idea of experiencing an enchanting getaway and spending time on this romantic island is enhanced by the beauty of reds and oranges in the branches of the trees.

A Warm & Cozy Home Welcomes You

Rich yellows and oranges add to the fall feel of Autumn at Apple Hill, from the colors in the trees to the pumpkins on the ground. The village in the distance provides more autumn options, with the promise of pies, cider, turnovers, and candles.

The depiction of the sunset in this painting enhances the fall colors and the beauty of the flowering landscape.

Crisp Air & Roasting Marshmallows

Fall is a great time for campfires and roasted marshmallows, and Mickey and Minnie — Sweetheart Campfire depicts Mickey and Minnie enjoying a chilly, cozy fall night. The changing colors in the trees show that winter is on its way, and it’s almost possible to feel the crispness in the air.

The Leaves Turn From Summer To Autumn

The Victorian mansion in Victorian Autumn is a striking backdrop for the fall foliage and gentle light level that showcases a cool autumn day. The bright colors of the plants and flowers in the foreground are a beautiful contrast to the changing seasons depicted by the trees.

A Sunset Picnic Surrounded By Fall Foliage

Central Park in the fall is filled with vibrant color in the trees and the feeling of anticipation as the first magical snowfall gets closer. For Mickey and Minnie, the backdrop of skyscrapers and changing leaves is only enhanced by the lights coming on throughout the park as another day of adventure ends in Mickey and Minnie — Sweetheart Central Park.

Find Autumn Paintings From Thomas Kinkade Studios

Beautiful foliage paintings can make your space feel cozy, comfortable, and more like home, especially when you love the look of crisp autumn days and lovely fall colors. At Thomas Kinkade Studios, we have galleries in Carmel, Monterey, and Placerville, so you can find just the right artwork conveniently and close to home. Our consultants help you find the best fit for your home or business, enhance that fall feel, and increase your enjoyment of a lovely time of year.