Catwoman by Blend Cota

Art Notes

When people ask who my favorite super hero is, I often have a hard time answering them. I am drawn to many comic book characters but one alluring cat burglar always seems to surface to the top of my mind… Catwoman; I am completely enamored with this anti-heroine and most people are shocked by that. I am not sure why, she is one of the most progressive, beautiful, and well-rounded characters in all of comics – not to mention that she has been a part of the Batman storyline since Batman #1, right beside The Joker.


  • Catwoman’s pet cat Isis is looming in the shadows, curious as ever to see what Selina is up to.
  • Highly skilled with her specialized whip, she is capable of astonishing roughage.
  • It is twilight in Gotham, and the light blues of the skyline have begun to give way to the darker hues of blue and purple of the night sky; the purrrfect time of the day for a cat to begin her prowl.

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