The Thomas Kinkade Company Announces the Limited Edition Release of “Dedicated to Liberty”

Dedicated To Liberty Limited Edition

The Thomas Kinkade Company announces the immediate availability of the limited edition art image Dedicated to Liberty; the first in the new patriotically themed collection entitled Liberty and Freedom. The new collection will be comprised of three images in total with the second and third releases to be determined at later dates. The great American artist, Thomas Kinkade was a true patriot who often sought to capture his great love of America on canvas. Dedicated to Liberty is an example of Thom’s expression of patriotism and his keen sense of Americana. This image is set at the turn of the last century and features the deeply symbolic Statue of Liberty – a gift given to the United States in 1886 as a symbol of friendship from the people of France.

John Hasting, Chief Executive Officer of the Thomas Kinkade Company remarks, Dedicated to Libertywas the artist’s interpretation of the Statue of Liberty not long after its presentation to the American people. You can see that Lady Liberty’s torch is depicted as it was originally – lit from within. In this period release, the beautifully sculpted metal of the statue has not yet tarnished and is displayed in its original rich copper color”. Hasting also points out the festive bunting and patriotic flags that add to the celebratory Independence Day inspiration of the image. This image is available in four sizes in limited release through authorized Thomas Kinkade Galleries.

Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light™, emphasized simple pleasures and inspirational messages through his art and the branded products created from that art. From textiles, to collectibles, to music and books, The Thomas Kinkade Company strives to inspire and uplift people of all faiths and to bring peace and joy into their lives through the images Thom created. For additional information on Thomas Kinkade or to open your own Thomas Kinkade Gallery, visit