Paintings Of Paris

Paris Paintings

Bring home the magic of the City of Light with paintings of Paris. The romance and architecture of this beloved city have captured hearts around the globe, and you too will be captivated by these limited edition paintings created by the Master of Light.



Limited Edition Paris Wall Art

Thomas Kinkade’s love for this breathtaking city is apparent in every painting he dedicated to capturing its beauty. In our galleries, you will find some of these stunning works of fine art:

  • Paris, City of Love – The Eiffel Tower stands above the city; its twinkling lights revealed as evening skies begin to darken. The River Seine and its charming sidewalk cafes stand out in the foreground, recalling romantic strolls and quiet moments of reflection.
  • Boulevard Lights, Paris – A celebration of color and lights, this limited edition canvas captures the vibrant energy of a typical Parisian boulevard from a time since passed.
  • Notre Dame, Paris – The majesty of Notre Dame reveals itself through the silvery light of a misty day in Paris.
  • Paris, St. Michel – In his evocative Plein Air style, Kinkade captures this well-known corner of Paris where Hemmingway was known to frequent.
  • Paris, Eiffel Tower – This cityscape offers us an intimate view of Paris that reaches right into its heart and soul.

European Delights

For anyone with a penchant for European destinations or a specific appreciation for the city of Paris, our galleries invite you to discover the endless delight found in this series of paintings.

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If you’re looking for a unique gift to bestow upon a loved one, or simply hoping to add a new piece to your home or office, our galleries invite you to take a more intimate, up-close look at these treasured works of art. Contact us today for more information.