For The Love Of The Monterey Peninsula – Monterey

For The Love Of The Monterey Peninsula – Monterey

For The Love Of Monterey Peninsula

Event Details

Join us for a special weekend to honor Thomas Kinkade and his love for the Monterey Peninsula. Thom painted a total of 24 images of our peninsula and this weekend is an opportunity to acquire many of these paintings, and receive paint embellishments by our Master Highlighter, Carol Van Tol. Reception with refreshments and music from 1PM-4PM.

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Carol Van Tol

Meet The Master Highlighter

Carol Van Tol was trained by Thom in the late 90’s and has been a frequented artist to the Thomas Kinkade galleries for many years.

  • Have your newly acquired Limited Edition canvas furthered embellished by Master Highlighter Carol Van Tol.
  • Join us for a special reception with Prosecco, refreshments, and music from 1PM-4PM.
  • Your purchase will support the publication of the Dance Kids Nutcracker 2019.

Visit The Inspiration Of Thom’s Paintings

A map will be provided at our event to assist you in visiting the actual 23 locations Thom painted here on the peninsula. Many were painted on location known as Plein Air work, or open air painting. Plein Air is a French term used to describe the act of painting outdoors. Thomas Kinkade thoroughly enjoyed this style of painting and used it to further his understanding of the luminous effects of natural light. In fact, it was his most favorite style of painting, and he would often paint en plein air and use what he learned to illuminate his studio works.

As Thom continued his odyssey as an artist, he was drawn to the historic seaside villages of California. One of the reasons was the coastal air, saturated with mist, lays down a mirror-like film of moisture on streets and walks. One of the Limited Editions featured during the weekend will be Cannery Row Sunset. Painted in 2007 to celebrate Monterey’s Cannery Row’s 50th Anniversary and has reflective play of light and color on the streets that Thom is known for.

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In Partnership With Dance Kids Of Monterey

Dance Kids Monterey

At our event, a Thomas Kinkade numbered painting will be up for auction. All proceeds go to the support of the Dance Kids of Monterey County in their mission of shaping strong minds, strong bodies, and strong leaders through the discipline of creativity of dance.

Dance Kids of Monterey County (DKMC), founded in 1993, is a non-profit group giving children a better understanding of their community and the world through the arts with dance, music and theatre opportunities.