Changing Your Space With Art


Enhance your home or business and change your space with art from Thomas Kinkade. Our incredible collection of paintings demonstrates a wide-range of talents from diverse artists, and we are proud to represent the artwork of Blend Cota, Marjolein Bastin, Zac Kinkade, as well as Thomas Kinkade.

Selecting The Perfect Piece

The easiest way to add a new level of interest to your home is by incorporating evocative pieces of art. By enhancing your space with art, you can cultivate any atmosphere or mood. All it requires is careful attention to the selection of the art itself in addition to its strategic placement in your home.

Each Space Is Unique

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of art consultants can help you navigate with confidence through the sometimes overwhelming task of adding to or newly creating your personal art collection. Each client we work with is expressly unique. This means that our approach will never be the same as we help discover the perfect art for your space.

Establishing Your Space & Taste

By paying close attention to the various elements at play in a room — from size, style, color, and function of the room itself. Our consultants can narrow the vast array of options down to a stunning few that are well-suited for your needs. Based on the size of the room and the complementary furniture, we can help you establish the size of painting most ideal for hanging over your sofa, chaise lounge, sideboard, and so forth.

Only The Best Art Will Do

When looking for additional art for your home, first establish if you want to enhance your current design or attempt to change the space entirely. With this starting point in mind, our team of professional art consultants can ensure your venture is a success.

Our locations are delighted to offer you our professional services and vast expertise. Visit one of our galleries  today and get started on an exploratory journey through the wonderful world of art.