Caring For Fine Art

Paris Twilight

The team at our galleries have some tips on caring for your fine art. If you are a collector or just bought your first piece, taking the best care possible of fine art is of the utmost importance. From taking your art home, to displaying it in your house or place of business, or even storing it when it’s not on display we’ve got you covered.

Handling Fine Art

Fine art can be extremely fragile, so it’s always best to handle with care. The oils in our hands and fingers can make permanent marks on unframed prints. Make sure whenever you touch or carry your artwork, you have clean hands or wear gloves that are lint free. When cleaning or dusting your artwork, never use a feather duster as it can cause scratches or nicks in your paintings if they do not have a glass cover. Some other cleaning tips include:

Displaying Your Artwork

Always try to keep consistent levels of climate control in areas where your art is display. Fluctuating temperatures can cause irreversible damage to fine art, especially oil paintings on canvas. Don’t hang artwork in kitchens or bathrooms where there are high levels of humidity; this can cause mold and warping of your paintings. It is also best to keep all paintings out of sight or view from ultraviolet sunlight as it can cause fading or color change in certain types of work.

Storing Fine Art When Not On Display

When storing your collection for any time period, try not to leave it in attics or basements where temperatures can change and disasters like leaks, bursting pipes, or flooding can happen. It’s best to create a storage room or art closet specifically for your fine art somewhere in a safe area of your home. Make sure to wrap all framed artwork and store in an upright position.

Got Questions?

Our knowledgeable, experienced art consultants and curators will gladly welcome any questions or concerns about caring for your fine art. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.