The Mandalorian™ – The Mudhorn™

The Mudhorn™

Art Notes

Staring in the face of a certain, albeit noble death, the Mandalorian™ has run out of options. When death does not come from his confrontation with the Mudhorn, Mando realizes that his bounty holds more power than imagined! Taking advantage of the opportunity, the Mandalorian defeats the Mudhorn. He continues his journey, with the new realization that his charge is not nearly as helpless as he had assumed.

Key Points

  • This painting captures an important scene from the second chapter of The Mandalorian™, the moment when the Mandalorian and the audience realize that there is something very special about the Child and his abilities.
  • The Mandalorian and the Child encounter Jawas™ on Arvala-7™. They steal parts from the Mandalorian’s ship, the Razor Crest™, holding it hostage on their Sandcrawler™ until The Mandalorian brings them ransom – the Mudhorn’s™ egg.
  • The Mandalorian uses an arm-mounted flamethrower during his fight with the Mudhorn.
  • The Child uses incredible powers to lift the Mudhorn and save his new protector.

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12 x 18
18 x 27
24 x 36
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