Supernatural Retreat

Supernatural Retreat

Art Notes

It is an often-held dream to live in a peaceful retreat and a place where perfect days both begin and end. But what happens in these places past midnight has also been a point of concern. If you are one who knows the primal fear that the ominous dark can evoke, join me as I explore this harrowing consideration.

A lone resident stands on the porch of his small forest abode while creatures of every sort begin to congregate in the wild woods which surround him. Chainsaws sound in the distance and strange lights fill the night sky. Monsters of long-told myth and current urban legends join the bone-chilling surround as our helpless visitor loses hope of seeing a safe sunrise.

A Supernatural Retreat is my latest painting in the Nightmares in Haunted Hallow Collection and is designed to scare the fun right into you! There are over 40 references to be found of beasties, butchers and all things that go bump in the night in this happily horrific composition. I hope you enjoy or at least survive the visit and, as always, thank you for sharing my adventures in art.

Key Points

  • A Supernatural Retreat is the second release in Zac Kinkade’s Nightmares in Haunted Hallow Collection, a series that features favorite paranormal stories and characters.
  • Zac included over 40 spooky tributes in this painting. Can you find fan favorites like the Headless Horseman, a blob, and an evil clown?
  • Zac also painted mystical figures from world folklore including the Chupacabra, a Wendigo, A Banshee, and a Pukwudgie. Can you find the Fresno Nightcrawler?
  • A chainsaw, bats, skulls, a machete, and a creepy hockey mask are also amongst the spooky nods in A Supernatural Retreat.

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