Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl Painting By Zac Kinkade

Art Notes

The owl has long been a subject of popular concern. Called the “Bird of Athena”, it is often given credit for great intelligence. Its nocturnal habits, silent flight, and haunting woodland calls, however, also make it a source of supernatural speculation. In fact, the owl has served as a familiar to wizarding folks in literature. But for me, the owl’s natural magnificence was reason enough to include its portrait in my Animal Accents series. The Snowy Owl earns this devoted fascination. It is larger than most owls and has eyesight that can spot small prey up to a half mile away. Its unworldly stealth and raptor instincts make this owl’s downward swooping face the last thing that small animals see before their own swift demise. It is the natural order of things that a predator should capture its prey, and there is a raw beauty in that relationship that must be respected. I hope you enjoy my look into the world of this wonderful woodland creature. And, as always, thank you for sharing my adventures in art.

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12 x 9
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